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AAPHD White Paper: Anti-Racism in Dental Public Health: A Call to Action Now Available  

The AAPHD councils have produced a white paper in response to the events of the pandemic and the growing awareness of racism as a public health problem.  In this white paper “Anti-Racism in Dental Public Health: A Call to Action”, each of the Councils - Scientific Information, Educational Affairs, Policy and Advocacy, and Practice – share their perspective on how dental public health can engage in anti-racist practices and outline action steps for AAPHD and the dental public health community to engage in.  The aim of this paper is to engage dental public health professionals and supporters in recognizing racism as a problem and to find opportunities for collaboration to further anti-racist practices in dental public health. 

To read the white paper, click here  

Questions? Contact Frances Kim, Executive Director.  


Request for Abstracts for Special Issue of the Journal of Public Health Dentistry  

AAPHD is developing a special issue of the Journal of Public Health Dentistry on the subject of Anti-Racism in Dental Public Health.  The issue will include topics related to the role of racism in creating inequities in oral health and access to care, diversity in oral health workforce and dental education, and promising anti-racist practices in advocacy and state/local government. The special issue will be included in the 2022 Vol. 2 of JPHD and is being sponsored by the CareQuest Institute for Oral Health.  Guest editors for this special issue are Dr. Julie Reynolds and Dr. Eleanor Fleming.   

We are soliciting 2-3 original research papers in the following areas: 

  • Impact of racism on oral health or access to dental care outcomes; and
  • Existing racism/bias in dental education  

 If you are interested in contributing an article, we ask that you reply with a 250-word abstract by Tuesday, August 17 , 2021 so that we can confirm the content is aligned with the overall focus of the issue and provide any initial feedback. The final manuscript submission deadline will be November 1, 2021. Submissions will follow the same guidelines and peer-review process as regular issue submissions to JPHD. 

Submit your abstract to Frances Kim, Executive Director.  Please include in the subject line: “AAPHD Special Issue RFA Response”.  You will receive an email within 2 days, confirming the receipt of your abstract.


AAPHD Resource: Issue Brief - Dentist Participation in Medicaid

The AAPHD Council on Scientific Information has produced an issue brief on dentist participation in Medicaid.  The purpose of an issue brief is to provide a summary of the best available evidence on a public health problem or approach. You can access the Issue Brief here

COVID-19 Resources

As we all work to navigate the impact of COVID-19 on the health care system, AAPHD has put together a list of resources.  This list will be updated as new information is provided.  We will be sharing announcements of any webinars and recordings via Communiquik as well as through AAPHD’s FacebookTwitter ,LinkedIn and Instagram pages.