AAPHD Councils

The Association has four Councils: the Council of Educational Affairs, the Council on Practice, the Council on Policy and Advocacy, and the Council on Scientific Information.

Any AAPHD member willing to serve on a Council may volunteer by emailing the AAPHD National Office at [email protected].

The mission of the Council on Educational Affairs is to include the provision of high quality continuing education opportunities that reflect the latest advances in science, and supports the efforts of the AAPHD in the education of the public, health professionals, and decision-makers regarding the importance of oral health to total well-being. The Council also develops and evaluate programs to support leadership and talent development among AAPHD members.

The purpose of the Council on Practice is to: (1) recommend to the AAPHD Board of Directors how the interests of AAPHD’s constituencies might be represented through endorsement and support of community based practice guidelines and policies; (2) actively promote oral health and disease prevention across the lifespan for both individuals and populations, including an integral oral health component of chronic disease management; and (3) engage in a common risk factor and integrated solutions approach for  oral health and overall health within the health system

The purpose of the Council on Policy and Advocacy is to translate AAPHD policy into effective advocacy and develop the infrastructure and capacity needed to achieve effective advocacy.  The Council monitors state and federal legislative and regulatory activity as well as prioritize issues and recommend an advocacy agenda every two years to the Board of Directors to engage members to take action and monitor outcome/impact.

The Council on Scientific Information (CSI) has three goals: (1) to develop a resource for members, health professionals and the public with the current science on dental public health; (2) to develop science-based guidelines for dental public health based on a consensus process; and (3) to develop a research agenda to promote the science of dental public health.