Small Grants Program

The AAPHD Foundation was established to support the primary goals of the Association including:
  • Promotion of effective efforts in disease prevention, health promotion and service delivery;
  • Education of the public, health professionals and decision-makers regarding the importance of oral health to total well-being; and
  • Expansion of the knowledge base of dental public health and fostering competency in its practice.
One exciting opportunity that the Foundation creates for its members is the AAPHD Foundation Small Grant Program.

The Small Grant Program is designed to stimulate innovative education or research projects that benefit dental public health and the public. The Foundation’s guiding principles and funding areas of interest identify a broad array of topics for which support can be provided. These include, but are not limited to, studies or interventions designed to:
  • Improve access to personal and population based oral health services
  • Build and strengthen the dental public health workforce
  • Translate science into practice
  • Maintain competency in dental public health
The program will provide “small grants” that serve as an incentive to individuals and entities to move science, policy, and practice to the “next step” toward enhancing oral health.  

Priority will be given to:
  • Applications from individuals who are at an early stage of their dental public health careers. We are especially interested in applications from residents in the DPH Residency programs who are completing their required research projects and from members of Student Chapters.
  • Applications that seek to utilize and enhance partnership with existing programs, projects, and organizations.

Applications and all supporting documents are due by December 15, 2017

Click here for the Small Grant Application
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Grant Recipients


Preschool-Based Fluoride Varnish and Tooth-Brushing Oral Health Promotion Program in Esteli, Nicaragua.

       Nick Capezio, DMD candidate, Boston University
       Corinna Culler, RDH, DrPH, Director, School-Based Programs, Boston University
       Michelle Henshaw, DDS, MPH, Associate Dean Global & Population Health, Boston University

AAPHD ASDOH San Cristobal, Dominican Republic Dental Public Health Outreach

Primary Student Investigator: Vy Vy Vu, MPH, DMD (Class of 2017), AAPHD ASDOH Student Chapter President
Primary Faculty Mentors: Heather Johnson, RDH, Med, and Yvette Thornton, RDH, BS, AAPHD ASDOH Student Chapter Advisors
Primary Site Supervisor: Bruce White, DDS, AAPHD ASDOH Humanitarian Outreach Faculty Advisor
Collaborative Site Supervisor: Ingrid Pimental, Clinical Director of Mission Medica Dominica, San Cristobal, Dominican Republic


Improving Oral Health for Vulnerable Massachusetts Populations by Joining Forces with our Medical Allies

Principle Investigator: Lisa Simon, BS, DMD Candidate Class of 2014, Harvard School of Dental Medicine
Co-Investigators: Katherine Schiavoni, BS, MD/MPA Candidate Class of 2015, Harvard Medical School and Harvard Kennedy School, Chiara Rivas-Morello, BA, DMD Candidate Class of 2014, Romesh Nalliah, BDS, Department of Global and Community Health, Harvard School of Dental Medicine


An Educational collaboration between Medicine and Dentistry

Rocio Quinonez, DMD, MS, MPH
Alice Chuang, BA, MD
Jane Weintraub, DDS, MPH
Jeffrey Jackson, BS & Amanda Kerns, BS (Dental students)
The University of North Carolina Schools of Dentistry and Medicine


Effects of Environmental Tobacco Smoke on the Oral Health of Adolescents Living in Nevada

Christina A. Demopoulos, DDS, MPH
UNLV School of Dental Medicine


A survey of the attitudes and opinions of practicing dentists in Minnesota regarding dental therapy and new work force models.

Christine M. Blue, BSDH, MS
Director and Assistant Professor,
Division of Dental Hygiene,
Univ. of Minnesota School of Dentistry


Building a Dental Public Health Workforce in the Indian Health Service
Catherine Hollister, RDH, MSPH, PhD,
Timothy L. Ricks, DMD, MPH,
Nashville Area Dental Support Center,
Indian Health Service