The Lotzkar Fund

altAdvance the mission of the ADA-recognized Dental Specialty Certifying Board, the American Board of Dental Public Health (ABDPH).

On April 28, 2003, at the 53th annual Diplomates Meeting and Banquet, ABDPH President Dr. Caswell Evans recognized Dr. Stanley Lotzkar on his retirement for his 21 years of exemplary service as Executive Secretary to the ABDPH for guiding Diplomates and Directors. Dr. Evans announced the creation of the ABDPH Lotzkar Fund to honor Dr. Lotzkar for his untiring years of service and those of Phyllis Lotzkar provides a lasting tribute to those who have serviced the Board and its membership.

Funding criteria for projects are:

  1. to support development of new initiatives of the Board;
  2. to support maintenance of standards and competency in dental public health; and
  3. to support curriculum development in dental public health.

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