AAPHD Student Chapters 


A.T. Still University Arizona School of Dentistry

Faculty Advisors: Yvette Thornton and Heather Johnson
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Faculty Advisor: Dr. Kathryn Atchison
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A.T. Still University, Missouri School of
Dentistry & Oral Health

Faculty Advisor: Kneka Smith

University of Detroit Mercy

Faculty Advisor: Divesh Byrappagari
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Boston University

Faculty Advisors: Kathy Lituri, Corinna Culler

University of Florida

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Scott Tomar
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Columbia University College of Dental Medicine

University of Illinois-Chicago

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Caswell Evans

Dental College of Georgia at Augusta University

Faculty Advisors: Ranjitha Krishna and Kate Ciarrocca
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University of Iowa

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Steven Levy
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East Carolina University

Faculty Advisor: Wanda Wright

University of Kentucky

Faculty Advisor: Joanna Aalboe

Harvard University

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Romesh Nalliah

University of Louisville

Faculty Advisor: Jolene Zirnheld

Indiana University

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Armando Soto and Dr. Stuart Schrader 
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University of Maryland

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Mark Macek

Marquette University

Faculty Advisors: Pradeep Bhagavatula and Chris Okunseri

University of Michigan

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Michael Manz
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Medical University of South Carolina

Faculty Advisor: Renata Leite
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University of Minnesota

Faculty Advisor: Karin Quick
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Meharry Medical College

Faculty Advisors: Dr. Jacinta Leavell and Michael Yacko
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University of Missouri Kansas City

Faculty Advisor: Michael McCunniff

Midwestern University Glendale

Faculty Advisor: Jeffrey Perry



University of New Mexico

Faculty Advisor: Charles Tatlock
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New York University

Faculty Advisor: Mark Wolff

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Lewis Lampiris
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Stony Brook University

Faculty Advisor: Nora A Odingo

University of Pennsylvania

Faculty Advisor: Joan Gluch
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Temple University Kornberg School of Dentistry

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Amid Ismail
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University of Pittsburgh

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Robert Weyant

Tufts University

Faculty Advisor: Natalie Hagel
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University of Southern California, Los Angeles

Faculty Advisor: Julie Jenks

University of Buffalo

Faculty Advisor: Stephen Abel

University of Texas Health Science Center at
San Antonio

Faculty Advisor: Suman Challa

University of California, San Francisco  

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Howard Pollick


 University of Washington

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Donald Chi
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University of Colorado

Faculty Advisor: William Bailey
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Virginia Commonwealth University

Faculty Advisor: Julie Coe
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Western University 

Faculty Advisor: Marisa Watanabe
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